Beyond Trauma - Hope & Healing for Warriors

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The presence of PTSD or post-traumatic stress (PTS) symptoms is widely evident in our veteran community, and many veterans struggle with the effects of war-related trauma.  And while symptoms fade over time, many remain like open wounds, evidence of deep and abiding pain. Service members suffering from these symptoms, often manifest additional injuries, what has been described as spiritual or moral injuries.  These involve questions about the meaning of trauma, the source of evil, and the reasons for suffering.  They include problems with grief, guilt, and shame, and are associated with many forms of loss such as the loss of meaning, hope, and peace. Whether a veteran or servicemember suffers from the effects of PTS or meets the clinical diagnosis of PTSD, many also suffer from spiritual and moral injuries that warrant spiritual interventions and sources for healing. Given the fact that more than 250,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from the symptoms of PTSD and even more from other effects of war-related trauma including moral and spiritual injuries, pastors, chaplains, and other caregivers have a legitimate, healing role alongside clinicians in addressing the effects of trauma even beyond its war-related sources. Beyond Trauma: Hope & Healing for Warriors equips spiritual leaders with the knowledge and resources to not only understand the effects of trauma, but also make appropriate interventions that will lead veterans and service members in churches and communities to healing and growth.