Indivisible Discussion Guide

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Indivisible is the amazing true story of Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather, as they embark on their ministry to the military.  As a brand new Army Chaplain, First Lieutenant Darren Turner deploys to Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort Steward.  This is a story of reminding us of the impact of military life, the struggles that it brings to families and the redeeming grace of God to restore.

This guide is designed to identify issues relevant to service members and their families based on the motion picture INDIVISIBLE.  The guide consists of 18 sessions which cover topics familiar to servicemembers and their families. Through engagement with the material presented in the guide, participants are encouraged to discover solutions to their challenges by the applications of God’s truth to their lives.

 As group members move through the guide, they are exposed to a variety of topics addressed in the film.  In each session, participants address a particular topic by reviewing a scene or scenes from the movie INDIVISIBLE (accessible via the Warrior’s Journey website:, considering relevant scriptures, and discussing scenes from the movie with a list of questions that are provided in the guide. In addition to these, there are sections for personal reflection and application.